Nebo Market Report 30/04/2021

NEBO CATTLE SALE Friday 30th April 2021

Nebo Combined Agents yarded a very good line up of 1200 head comprising of 850 steers 150 cows 150 heifers and 55 cows & calves. Cattle were drawn from all local, coastal & central areas. With a full buyers gallery on hand, competition was very strong & saw heavy feeder steers reach 422c/kg, cows out to 392c/kg & weaner steers reaching 540c/kg.

Next Nebo sale is Friday 14th May 2021 with Approx 500hd already booked


STEERS Over 500kg 416.2 c/kg 416.2 c/kg 416.2 c/kg
400 to 500kg 272.2 c/kg 428.2 c/kg 417.0 c/kg
320 to 400kg 300.0 c/kg 452.2 c/kg 430.1 c/kg
250-320kg 200.0 c/kg 540.2 c/kg 456.0 c/kg
Up to 250kg 400.2 c/kg 540.2 c/kg 496.6 c/kg



Over 520kg 272.2 c/kg 295.2 c/kg 279.0 c/kg
400-520kg 248.2 c/kg 298.0 c/kg 275.0 c/kg
Under 400kg NQ NQ NQ
HEIFERS 450-550kg 298.0 c/kg 298.0 c/kg 298.0 c/kg
400-450kg 261.2 c/kg 352.2 c/kg 291.4 c/kg
300-400kg 300.2 c/kg 410.2 c/kg 344.4 c/kg
250-300kg 248.2 c/kg 420.2 c/kg 376.4 c/kg
Up to 250kg 360.2 c/kg 440.2 c/kg 415.6 c/kg
Cows & Calves   $2,400/unit $2,005/unit
BULLS Over 600kg 238.2 c/kg 238.2 c/kg 238.2 c/kg
450kg – 600kg NQ NQ NQ
Under 450kg 250.0 c/kg 398.2 c/kg 325.7 c/kg


 Fort Cooper, Nebo Sold a top quality line of Santa No.9 Steers to top at 422c/kg to return $2090/hd and No.0 steers for 468c/kg to return $1234/hd

Fort Cooper (Strathdee), Nebo Sold aged Brahman Cows and Calves to average $2148/unit and to top at $2400/unit and Weaner Steers to top at 514c/kg to return $1237/hd

Mt Flora Cattle, Nebo Sold No.1 Weaner Steers for 540c/kg to return $1355/hd and cows to top at 283c/kg to return $1387/hd

Keith Perry, Nebo Sold Charbray Cows to average 277c/kg to top at 280c/kg to return $1671/hd and weaner steers for 498c/kg to return $1360/hd

Muggera, Nebo sold Brahman X Cows for 281c/kg weighing 575kg to return $1618/hd

Kevin Reeves, Sarina Sold Euro X Steers to average 427c/kg which topped at 430c/kg to return $1533/hd

Tralee Pastoral, Glenden Sold Charbray Weaner Heifers for 436c/kg weighing 233 to return $1016

Olderfleet Cattle Co, Mt Coolon Sold No.0 Brahman Heifers for 420c/kg weighing 275kg to return $1155/hd

Loughrea Investments, Calen Sold Senepol X Steers for 500c/kg weighing 203kg to return $1019/hd.

Muggera, Nebo sold Belmont Red steers for 442c/kg weighing 356kg to return 1574./hd


NEXT NEBO SALE: 14th May 2021, COMMENCING @ 9.00am

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