Gracemere Market Report 28/04/2021

GRACEMERE CATTLE SALE Wednesday 28th April 2021

CQLX Gracemere combined agents had a decreased yarding of 2286 head today, comprising of 1119 steers, 646 heifers, 353 cows and 103 bulls. Cattle were drawn from a wide area of Central Queensland as far west as Clermont. It was a very mixed quality and conditioned yarding throughout. The processor buying panel included five operators in an unchanged line up with cow prices beginning well below last week’s rates and improving on the better presented runs of cows to conclude with averages well above last week on the heavy, finished lines. Feeder and restocker interest came from a mostly unchanged buying panel.

STEERS Slaughter 1 330.2 c/kg 330.2 c/kg 330.2 c/kg -36
  400 – 500kg 71 340.2 c/kg 436.2 c/kg 411.4 c/kg FIRM
300 – 400kg 390 270.0 c/kg 546.2 c/kg 431.3 c/kg FIRM
200 – 300kg 581 150.0 c/kg 650.2 c/kg 508.2 c/kg FIRM
Under 200kg 76 250.2 c/kg 648.2 c/kg 564.0 c/kg -6
COWS Slaughter 234 258.2 c/kg 346.2 c/kg 294.8 c/kg FIRM
  400 – 450kg 44 238.2 c/kg 314.2 c/kg 280.0 c/kg FIRM
320 – 400kg 66 200.0 c/kg 290.0 c/kg 251.8 c/kg FIRM
Under 320kg 9 140.0 c/kg 238.2 c/kg 208.6 c/kg -66
HEIFERS Heavy 27 326.2 c/kg 395.0 c/kg 365.0 c/kg FIRM
  300 – 400kg 270 256.2 c/kg 440.2 c/kg 383.9 c/kg -15
200 – 300kg 267 336.2 c/kg 504.2 c/kg 421.3 c/kg -13
Under 200kg 82 360.2 c/kg 500.2 c/kg 456.3 c/kg +6
Cows & Calves     $2,420/unit $2,096/unit  
BULLS Over 600kg 36 236.2 c/kg 324.2 c/kg 298.4 c/kg -13
  450kg – 600kg 10 311.2 c/kg 338.2 c/kg 335.0 c/kg FIRM
Under 450kg 57 268.2 c/kg 440.2 c/kg 391.1 c/kg +21


T & J Holland, Wycarbah Sold a pen of Droughtmaster Steers for 416c/kg to weigh 430kg to return $1793/hd

C & K Faine, Gogango Sold a pen of Droughtmaster Cross Steers for 432c/kg to weigh 356kg to return $1541/hd

Spelta Grazing, Gogango Sold Santa Euro Cross No.1 Steers for 640c/kg weighing 235kg to return $1508/hd

D & T Muscat, Dows Creek Sold Brangus Weaner Steers for 626c/kg, weighing $256kg to return $1607/hd

G & J Vella Family, Marlborough Sold a run of 198 Steers to top 466c/kg weighing 333kg to return $1555/hd

T & L Burns, Cawarral Sold Brangus Weaner Steers for 592c/kg, weighing 264kg to return $1563/hd

CM Clifton & P & M Alexander, Nankin Sold Droughtmaster Weaner Steers for 564c/kg, weighing 293kg to return $1657/hd

R & J Jacobsen, Kunwarara Sold Brangus Cows for 314c/kg, weighing 418kg to return $1315/hd

DR Matthews, Kalapa Sold Droughtmaster Cross Cows to 290c/kg weighing 645kg to return $1870/hd

Wotonga Grazing, Nebo Sold Droughtmaster Cross Cows for 293c/kg weighing 586kg to return $1720/d

Lance O Howkins, Dululu Sold Brahman Cross Cows for 300.2c/kg weighing 591.8kg to return $1776/hd

Roderick Stone, Jambin Sold Charbray heifers for 434c/kg weighing 334kg to return $1444/hd

Lenera Farm, Koumola Sold a pen of Brangus heifers for 498c/kg weighing 196kg to return $976 head

Degulla Pastoral Co, Alpha Sold Brahman heifers to top at 392c/kg weighing 380kg to return $1494/hd

JE & RM Olive, Marlborough Sold No.9 Brahman Heifers for 384c/kg, weighing 381kg to return $1464/hd

ML & MJ Miller, Duaringa Sold Droughtmaster heifers for 344c/kg weighing 544kg to return $1874/hd

D & T Muscat, Dows Creek Sold Brangus Weaner Heifers for 504c/kg. weighing 209kg to return $1053/hd

Barlow Park, Kinka Beach Sold Brangus heifers for 498c/kg weighing 212kg to return $1056/hd

Charlevue Cattle Co, Dingo Sold No.0 Brangus Heifers for 440c/kg, weighing 316kg to return $1393/hd

D & K McEachran, Yarwun Sold Brangus Cows and Calves for $2420

McCartney Family, Marlborough Sold Grey Brahman Bulls to avg 309c/kg, weighing 806kg to return $2493/hd


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