Gracemere Market Report 13/10/2021


CQLX Gracemere agents saw an increased yarding of 3,340 head this week after. Cattle were drawn from the norther to Charters Towers, South to Monto, and the usual local areas. There was a very mixed offering penned with a noticeable drop in the condition in part of the yarding. The usual feeders and processors attended although short one processor and restockers again competed well for the stock on offer. Cows and heavy bulls were the major improvers with other variations attributed to the quality on offer.


STEERS Slaughter 350.0 c/kg 422.2 c/kg 385.1 c/kg
  400-500kg 350.2 c/kg 494.2 c/kg 453.8 c/kg
300-400kg 382.1 c/kg 495.0 c/kg 444.9 c/kg
200-300kg 350.0 c/kg 628.2 c/kg 552.8 c/kg
Under 200kg 250.0 c/kg 664.2 c/kg 547.3 c/kg
COWS Slaughter 348.2 c/kg 362.5 c/kg 354.2 c/kg
  400-500kg 320.7 c/kg 362.2 c/kg 343.8 c/kg
Under 400kg 250.6 c/kg 386.2 c/kg 319.8 c/kg
HEIFERS Slaughter 402.2 c/kg 500.2 c/kg 446.1 c/kg
  300-400kg 254.2 c/kg 531.5 c/kg 439.2 c/kg
200-300kg 330.1 c/kg 550.2 c/kg 466.0 c/kg
Under 200kg 377.6 c/kg 600.2 c/kg 471.3 c/kg
Cows & Calves $1,550/unit $3,400/unit $1,983/unit
BULLS Over 600kg 286.2 c/kg 343.2 c/kg 321.7 c/kg
  400-600kg 288.1 c/kg 356.2 c/kg 327.1 c/kg


Price Cattle Co, Rossmoya Sold a run of Crossbred Weaner Steers to 664c/kg weighing 215kg to return $1,428/hd

RM Ogden, Alton Downs Sold Brahman Steers for 407c/kg weighing 560kg to return $2,283/hd

C & J Lovell, Garnant Sold Romagnola Cross Steers for 482c/kg weighing 472kg to return $2,278/hd

Pominda Holdings, Dalma Sold Droughtmaster Cross Steers for 588c/kg weighing 312kg to return $1,835/hd

LN & JP Zischke, Biloela Sold Senepol Cross Steers for 578c/kg weighing 327kg to return $1,890/hd

KJ & ME Murray, Raglan Sold Droughtmaster Cross Steers for 660c/kg weighing 208kg to return $1,374/hd

GS and LM Blamires, Calliope Sold Brahman Cross Bullocks for 380c/kg weighing 800kg to return $3,041/hd

Calliweera Cattle Company, Morinish Sold Charbray Cross Weaner Steers for 648c/kg weighing 180kg to return $1,164/hd

M Morrice, Port Curtis Sold Charbray Cross Cows to 352c/kg weighing 626kg to return $2,205/hd

S Desbois, Mt Ossa Sold Charbray Cross Cows for 356c/kg weighing 527kg to return $1,880/hd

Calliweera Cattle Company, Morinish Sold Charbray Cross Cows for 369c/kg weighing 488kg to return $1,804/hd

KJ & ME Murray, Raglan Sold Droughtmaster Cross Heifers for 550c/kg weighing 230kg to return $1,265/hd

Am & EH McCartney, Marlborough Sold Brahman Cross Weaner Heifers for 514c/kg weighing 266kg to return of $1,367/hd

S & B Chapman, Marlborough Sold Droughtmaster Cross Weaner Heifers for 558c/kg weighing 178kg returning $996/hd

Pominda Holdings, Dalma Sold Santa Gertrudis Cross Weaner Heifers for 600c/kg weighing 190kg to return$1,140/hd

Kemmis Investments, Nebo Sold Droughtmaster Heifers for 544c/kg weighing 325kg to return $1,772/hd

Cedar Creek Grazing, Gogango Sold Droughtmaster Cross Cows and Calves for $3,400 per unit


The next Gracemere sale will be 20th October 2021, COMMENCING @ 8.30AM

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