Nebo market Report 15/10/2021

NEBO CATTLE SALE Friday 15th October 2021

Combined agents at Nebo Saleyards saw a larger yarding this month of 775 head with cattle sourced from Gumlu & Bowen in the north, coastal & all local areas. Comprising of 410 Steers, 85 Mickies, 35 Cows, 230 Heifers, 5 Bulls and 10 Cows & Calves. Having some very good lines of cattle on offer resulted in a good buyers panel on grounds. Heavy feeder steers reaching 516c/kg and a good line of No.1 Santa Steers reached 648c/kg. Feeder & weaner heifers also met with strong competition throughout.


Next Nebo sale is Friday 12th November 2021


STEERS Over 500kg 440.2 c/kg 454.2 c/kg 452.7 c/kg
400 to 500kg 434.2 c/kg 496.2 c/kg 476.5 c/kg
320 to 400kg 378.2 c/kg 590.2 c/kg 515.9 c/kg
250-320kg 424.2 c/kg 648.2 c/kg 614.6 c/kg
Up to 250kg 340.0 c/kg 668.2 c/kg 606.3 c/kg



Over 520kg 310.0 c/kg 330.0 c/kg 322.4 c/kg
400-520kg 310.0 c/kg 346.2 c/kg 326.7 c/kg
Under 400kg 280.2 c/kg 336.2 c/kg 306.0 c/kg
HEIFERS 450-550kg 380.0 c/kg 380.0 c/kg 380.0 c/kg
400-450kg 380.0 c/kg 380.0 c/kg 380.0 c/kg
300-400kg 280.0 c/kg 506.2 c/kg 471.3 c/kg
250-300kg 428.2 c/kg 474.2 c/kg 449.6 c/kg
Up to 250kg 300.0 c/kg 526.2 c/kg 453.3 c/kg
Cows & Calves $1,050/unit $2,175/unit $1,791/unit
BULLS Over 600kg 320.2 c/kg 322.2 c/kg 321.2 c/kg
450kg – 600kg 414.2 c/kg 414.2 c/kg 414.2 c/kg
Under 450kg 322.2 c/kg 626.2 c/kg 462.5 c/kg


Fort Cooper Pry Ltd, Nebo offered 278 No.0 & 1 Santa Cross Steers. Their No.0 steers topped at 516c/kg selling for $2,054/hd. The No.1 steers sold for 648c/kg to return $1,760/hd. The Michelmore Family also sold 81 Santa Cross No.0 & 1 Heifers selling to the top of 506c/kg to return $1,912/hd

Amaroo Partnership, Nebo Sold Brangus OX for 422c/kg weighing 567kg to return $2,201/hd

Olderfleet, Mt Coolon Sold No.0 Charbray Steers for 490c/kg, weighing 460kg to return $2,254/hd

A Halliday, Mt Coolon Sold No.9 Brahman Cross Steers for 454c/kg, weighing 552kg to return $2,509/hd

Matt Kime, Nebo Sold Brangus Steers for 496c/kg weighing 443kg to return $2,264/hd

Ian Goode, Nebo Sold Charbray Weaner Mickies for 500c/kg, weighing 248kg to return $1.242/hd

Schatkowski & MacDonald, Sarina Sold Light Charbray Steers for a record price of 668c/kg weighing 146kg to return $978/hd

Muggera, Nebo Sold Brahman Cows for 330c/kg averaging 522kg to return $1,723/hd

Image Pastoral, Bowen Sold Forward Store Brahman Cross Cows for 326c/kg, weighing 457kg to return $$1,492/hd

Suttor Creek, Glenden Sold No.0 Brahman Heifers for 444c/kg, weighing 287kg to return $1,276/hd

Muggera, Nebo Sold Brahman Bulls for 320c/kg topping at 820kg to return $2,625/hd


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