Gracemere Cattle Numbers 21/07/2021

Gracemere Cattle Sale
Wednesday 21st July 2021
2571 Cattle Booked

Comprising of:

1149 Steers
924 Heifers
407 Cows
35 Cows & Calves
35 Bulls


The following lines will be on offer: 

Ex Stanage 60 No.0 Brangus Cross Steers Ex Dingo 80 Braford Cross Mixed Sex Weaners
Ex Collinsville 30 No.0 Brahman Steers Ex Ilbilbie 75 Crossbred Mixed Sex weaners
Ex Dingo 30 No.0 Brahman Cross Steers Ex Kalapa 20 Droughtmaster Mixed Sex Weaners
Ex Ridgeland 18 No.0 Limo Cross Steers (PRIME) Ex Sandringham 20 No.0/1 Brahman Cross Mixed Sex
Ex Yaamba 30 No.1 Droughtmaster Steers Ex Goovigen 30 Brangus Cross Mixed Sex Weaners
Ex Morinish 25 No.1 Droughtmaster Steers  
Ex Banana 20 No.1 Brangus Weaner Steers  
Ex Dingo 50 No.9 Charolais Cross Steers  
Ex Bowen 40 No.9 Brahman Cross Steers  
Ex Sarina 30 No.1 Simbrah Weaner Steers (VGQ)  
Ex Baralaba 60 No.0 Droughtmaster Cross Heifers Ex Taroom 50 Droughtmaster Cross Cows
Ex Alton Downs 32 No.0 Droughtmaster Cross Heifers Ex Collinsville 40 Brahman Cows
Ex Collinsville 30 No.0 Brahman Heifers Ex Raglan 20 Brahman Cows (PRIME)
Ex Collinsville 240 No.9 Brahman Heifers Ex Moura 6×6 Foster Cows
  Ex Thangool 2 x Foster Cows
Ex Collinsville 15×15 Brahman and Brahman Cross Cows and Calves Ex Thangool 1 Speckle Park No7 Bull
Ex Morinish 20×20 Droughtmaster Cow and Calves Ex Bajool 40 Brahman Cross Mickey Bulls (Light Feeders)



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