Nebo Sale Market Report 16/07/2021

NEBO CATTLE SALE Friday 16th July 2021

Combined agents at Nebo Saleyards saw a slightly larger yarding of 650 head on the 16/07/21 comprising of 104 Steers, 411 Heifers, 100 Cows, 21 Cows & Calves & 14 Bulls. The good quality yarding attracted buyers from local areas plus central and southern regions. A quality run of heifers sold well to various buyers with a large percentage going to southern feedlots.


Next Nebo sale is Friday 13th August 2021


STEERS Over 500kg 367.2 c/kg 367.2 c/kg 367.2 c/kg
400 to 500kg 334.2 c/kg 446.2 c/kg 385.8 c/kg
320 to 400kg 428.2 c/kg 428.2 c/kg 428.2 c/kg
250-320kg 446.2 c/kg 518.2 c/kg 478.7 c/kg
Up to 250kg 462.2 c/kg 556.2 c/kg 504.1 c/kg



Over 520kg 260.0 c/kg 319.2 c/kg 311.3 c/kg
400-520kg 232.2 c/kg 320.2 c/kg 300.3 c/kg
Under 400kg 212.2 c/kg 212.2 c/kg 212.2 c/kg
HEIFERS 450-550kg 332.2 c/kg 400.2 c/kg 383.1 c/kg
400-450kg 314.2 c/kg 402.2 c/kg 385.0 c/kg
300-400kg 270.0 c/kg 516.2 c/kg 431.7 c/kg
250-300kg 366.2 c/kg 456.2 c/kg 431.0 c/kg
Up to 250kg 438.2 c/kg 448.2 c/kg 441.9 c/kg
Cows & Calves $1,300/unit $2,000/unit $1,920/unit
BULLS Over 600kg 261.2 c/kg 312.2 c/kg 302.0 c/kg
450kg – 600kg NQ NQ NQ
Under 450kg 424.2 c/kg 448.2 c/kg 427.0 c/kg


Tralee Pastoral, Glendon Sold Brahman Cross Cows for 315c/kg, weighing 535 to return $1686/hd

Tolesworth Hay &Grazing, Nebo Sold Brahman Cows for 319c/kg to average 563kg to return $1797/hd

Margaret Maddern, Nebo Sold Brangus Cross Weaner Steers for 508c/kg weighing 244kg to return $1240/hd

Graham Ward, Mirani Sold Grey Brahman No.1 Steers for 524c/kg weighing 237kg to return $1243/hd. They also sold No.0 Steers which made $1774/hd

Gordon Hall, Ilbilbie Sold No.1 Droughtmaster Cross Steers for 555c/kg weighing 235kg to return $1311/hd

Barry Finn, Mirani Sold No.1 Droughtmaster Steers for 518c/kg weighing 270kg to return $1399/hd

Suttor Creek Pastoral, Glendon Sold No.9 Brahman Heifers for 402c/kg weighing 408kg to return $1640/hd

Wallace Cattle Co, Nebo Sold Brahman Heifers for 400c/kg to average 451kg to return $1807/hd

Wentworth Cattle Co, Nebo Sold a run of 324 Wagu Cross Heifers to top at 516c/kg returning $1652/hd, with an average of 428c/kg weighing 344kg to return $1478/hd

Ashley Fry, Pinnacle Sold Droughtmaster Weaner Heifers for 426c/kg weighing 271kg to return $1157/hd

Tolesworth Hay &Grazing, Nebo Sold Brangus Bulls for 312c/kg to average 820kg to return $2560/hd

NEXT NEBO SALE: 13th August 2021, COMMENCING @ 9.00am

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