Kubota Weaner & Feeder Sale Market Report 05/06/2023

CQLX Gracemere Kubota Feeder & Weaner Sale Market Report Monday 05th June 2023

CQLX Combined Agents received an incredible yarding of cattle for the first Kubota Feeder & Weaner Sale of the year. A total yarding of 6585 head comprised of 4746 Steers and 1839 Heifers. Combined Agents were greeted with a very full panel of buyers that met to strong competition. We saw a lift of 20 cents and more across the board for the better-quality lines of Weaner Steers and Heifers. We saw Weaners and Feeders come from Giru, Nebo, Biloela, Middlemount, Marlborough, Yeppoon, Dululu, Calliope, Moura and all other local areas throughout Central Queensland.

STEERS 500-600kg 268 c/kg 300 c/kg 294 c/kg
  400-500kg 230 c/kg 348 c/kg 300 c/kg
330-400kg 196 c/kg 348 c/kg 293 c/kg
280-330kg 214 c/kg 400 c/kg 331 c/kg
200-280kg 100 c/kg 418 c/kg 345 c/kg
Under 200kg 162 c/kg 380 c/kg 317 c/kg
HEIFERS 400-500kg 248 c/kg 288 c/kg 282 c/kg
  330-400kg 200 c/kg 292 c/kg 268 c/kg
280-330kg 200 c/kg 330 c/kg 261 c/kg
200-280kg 124 c/kg 330 c/kg 242 c/kg
Under 200kg 90 c/kg 268 c/kg 231 c/kg


GV Hobson, Banana Sold Simbrah Cross Steer for 340c/kg weighing 305kg to return $1,040/hd

Cormack Family Trust, Sold Droughtmaster Steers for 372c/kg weighing 304kg to return $1,133/hd

L Rutherford, Glenroy sold Droughtmaster Steers for 360c/kg weighing 301kg to return $1,086/hd

M & T Dingle, Miriam Vale sold Charbray Cross Steers for 370c/kg weighing 298kg to return $1,100/hd

T & D Bates, Nebo Sold Brangus Steers for 388c/kg weighing 286kg to return $1,111/hd

Montrose Grazing, Marlborough Sold EU Brahman Weaner Steers for 374c/kg weighing 283kg to return $1,061/hd

T Franks, Nine Mile Sold Brangus EU Steers to 394c/kg weighing 280kg to return $1,104/hd

DW McCartney, Kunwarara Sold Angus Steers for 400c/kg weighing 280kg to return $1,120/hd

MJ & NA Melville, Biloela Sold EU Acc Charolais Steers for 410c/kg weighing 279kg to return $1,145/hd

RL & JM Milne, Rosslyn Sold Brangus Steers for 384c/kg weighing 276kg to return $1,060/hd

Parker Cattle Co, Westwood Sold Droughtmaster Cross Steers for 368c/kg weighing 275kg to return $1,014/hd

CC Anderson, Maydowns Sold a run of Charbray/Brahman Cross Steers for 387c/kg weighing 269kg to return   $1,044/hd

J & Y Galea, Sarina Sold Simbrah Cross Weaner Steers for 384c/kg weighing 269kg to return $1,035/hd

Paul Czislowski, Yeppoon Sold a run of Ultrablack Weaners topping 374c/kg weighing 269kg to return $1,006/hd

Coorumburra Rural Enterprises, Marlborough Sold Brangus Steers for 366c/kg weighing 269kg to return $986/hd

SE & JG Farr, Garnant Sold the champion pen of Brahman Weaner Steers for 360c/kg weighing 264kg to return 953/hd

JA & DK Yeldham, Dululu Sold Charbray Cross Steers for 358c/kg weighing 315kg to return $1,131/hd

GJ Black, Mulara Sold Droughtmaster Steers for 360c/kg weighing 265kg to return $954/hd

Brookston Pastoral, Nebo Sold a run of Brangus Steers for 367c/kg weighing 264kg to return $972/hd

Calibre Grazing, Dixalea Sold Limousin Cross Steers for 386c/kg weighing 260kg to return $1,004/hd

K Lines, Dululu Sold Brangus Weaner Steers for 398c/kg weighing 259kg to return $1,033/hd

AM & ML Wilson, Dululu Sold Droughtmaster Steers for 384c/kg weighing 258kg to return $994/hd

Perry Pastoral Co, Clermont Sold Angus Cross Steers for 366c/kg weighing 253kg to return $927/hd

Brockley Grazing Trust, Emu Park Sold Droughtmaster Cross Steers for 372c/kg weighing 225kg to return 839/hd

BJ & LJ Moretti, Wowan Sold Brangus Steers for 402c/kg weighing 243kg to return $980/hd

M Bruce, Calliope Sold Brangus Steers for 390c/kg weighing 230kg to return $897/hd

W & K Hale Sarina Sold Brangus Steers for 380c/kg weighing 223kg to return $850/hd

W & J Oates, Thangool Sold a pen of Charbray Heifers for 288c/kg weighing 428kg to return $1,233/hd

JCBL Pty Ltd, Miriam Vale Sold Charbray Heifers for 292c/kg weighing 375kg to return $1,095/hd

M & R Collins Wowan Sold Charbray Heifers for 290c/kg weighing 354kg to return $1,028/hd

GV Hobson, Banana Sold Simbrah Cross Heifers for 330c/kg weighing 324kg to return $1,071/hd

B Saunders, Wowan Sold Brangus Heifers for 326c/kg weighing 297kg to return $968/hd

B Ross, Miriam Vale Sold Brangus Heifers for 316c/kg weighing 268kg to return $850/hd

J & K Grazing, Stanage Sold a run of Brangus Heifers topping at 294c/kg weighing 265kg to return $782/Hd

Calibre Grazing, Dixalea Sold Limousin Cross Heifers for 290c/kg weighing 256kg to return $744/hd

Parker Cattle Co, Westwood Sold Droughtmaster Heifers for 300c/kg weighing 242kg to return $727/hd

R & P Wright, Mt Ossa Sold Droughtmaster Cross Heifers for 298c/kg weighing 241kg to return $719/hd

Paul Windress, Coorooman Sold Charbray Heifers for 298c/kg weighing 221kg to return $661/hd

Next Kubota Feeder & Weaner Sale – 3rd July 2023

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