Gracemere Market Report 06/12/2023


This week CQLX Combined Agents welcomed the biggest yarding seen in 5 months with a total yarding of 3,883 head, consisting of 2,070 Steers, 1,411 Heifers, 276 Cows, 104 Cows & Calves & 22 Bulls. Prices remained fairly consistent on last week, with a slight ease in some categories. We were met with our familiar buying panel, with some new purchases amongst the crowd and our 3 processors were on the grounds. This week saw cattle come from as far North as Ayr and Proserpine, South to Calliope and the Boyne Valley, with some big runs from Collinsville, Nebo, Ubobo, Capella, Marlborough, Biloela, and all other cattle from local areas throughout CQ.

  500-600kg 238 c/kg 300 c/kg 259 c/kg NQ
400-500kg 240 c/kg 323 c/kg 297 c/kg +17
330-400kg 180 c/kg 335 c/kg 293 c/kg FIRM
280-330kg 162 c/kg 344 c/kg 282 c/kg -13
200-280kg 140 c/kg 378 c/kg 311 c/kg -17
Under 200kg 30 c/kg 346 c/kg 294 c/kg -36
COWS Slaughter 227 c/kg 236 c/kg 234 c/kg NQ
  500-600kg 170 c/kg 239 c/kg 230 c/kg FIRM
400-500kg 85 c/kg 246 c/kg 222 c/kg FIRM
330-400kg 80 c/kg 233 c/kg 200 c/kg FIRM
Under 330kg 70 c/kg 160 c/kg 101 c/kg -62
  400-500kg 242 c/kg 262 c/kg 254 c/kg FIRM
330-400kg 160 c/kg 278 c/kg 248 c/kg FIRM
280-330kg 180 c/kg 320 c/kg 248 c/kg FIRM
200-280kg 115 c/kg 350 c/kg 261 c/kg FIRM
Under 200kg 40 c/kg 350 c/kg 237 c/kg FIRM
PTIC COWS          
Cows & Calves $700/unit $1,200/unit $907/unit  
BULLS Over 600kg 200 c/kg 264 c/kg 244 c/kg NQ
  500-600kg 224 c/kg 264 c/kg 242 c/kg NQ
400-500kg 224 c/kg 230 c/kg 227 c/kg NQ


I & K Singleton, Dingo, Sold Brahman Bullocks for 256c/kg weighing 636kg to return $1,631/hd

Coolabah Cattle and Cropping, Capella, Sold a run of Droughtmaster Euro X Steers for 322c/kg weighing 460kg to return $1,482/hd

M & L Forbes, Bushley, Sold a run of Droughtmaster Steers to top at 334c/kg weighing 399kg to return $1,334/hd

WE & AT Barlow, Jambin, Sold a run of Santa Gertrudis Steers to top at 322c/kg weighing 388kg to return $1,251/hd

Amaroo Partnership, Nebo, Sold Brangus Steers to 335c/kg weighing 383kg to return $1,284/hd

M & N Allen, Thangool, Sold Red Brahman Steers for 334c/kg weighing 285kg to return $954/hd

Lucas Cattle Co, Ridgelands, Sold Droughtmaster Cross Steers for 378c/kg weighing 254kg to return $960/hd

P Windress, Coorooman, Sold Charbray Weaner Steers for 352c/kg weighing 248kg to make $875/hd

Charlevue Cattle Co, Dingo, Sold Red Brangus Steers for 374c/kg weighing 231kg to return $865/hd

F McCamley, Kalapa, Sold a run of Brahman Steers to top at 346c/kg weighing 181kg to return $628/hd

NN & RD Geddes, Rockhampton, Sold a run of Droughtmaster Cows to top at 236c/kg weighing 600kg to return $1,417/hd

Charlevue Cattle Co, Dingo, Sold Red Brangus Cows for 239c/kg weighing 534kg to return $1,277/hd

Calioran Pastoral, Rolleston, Sold Droughtmaster Cows for 246c/kg weighing 495kg to return $1,220/hd

R & H Creed, Raglan, Sold EU Brahman Cows for 236c/kg weighing 475kg to return $1,121/hd

Suttor Creek Pastoral, Glenden, Sold Brahman Cross Cows for 235c/kg weighing 466kg to return $1,097/hd

Mio Ag & Co, Clare, Sold a run Brangus Feeder Heifers to 262c/kg weighing 431kg to return $1,130/hd

R & C Ferris, Ogmore, Sold Brahman Heifers for 252c/kg weighing 348kg to return $879/hd

Farlane Park, Middlemount, Sold Droughtmaster Heifers to 320c/kg weighing 311kg to return $997/hd

Bradley Family, Ubobo, Sold a run of Ultrablack Heifers to top at 334c/kg weighing 269kg to return $901/hd

Pearl Cattle Co, Dalma, Sold a run of Brangus Heifers to top at 332c/kg weighing 275kg to return $916/hd

JDC Holdings, Theodore, Sold a run of Santa Hereford Cross Weaner Heifers for 350c/kg weighing 200kg to return $701/hd

Final Gracemere Sale 2023: Wednesday 13th December, Commencing @ 8.30AM.

First sale for 2024 will be Wednesday 17th January.

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