Gracemere Cattle Numbers 22/06/2022

Gracemere Cattle Sale
Wednesday 22nd June 2022
2300 Cattle Booked

Comprising of:

1325 Steers
712 Heifers
215 Cows
41 Cows & Calves
7 Bulls

The following lines will be on offer: 

Ex Laurel Banks 60 Brangus and Droughtmaster Heavy Feeder Steers Ex Monto 20 No.1 Brangus Heifers
Ex Goovigen 30 No.1 Brahman Feeder Steers Ex Keppel Sands, 50 No.2 Brangus/Brahman Cross Weaner Heifers
Ex Biloela 20 No.1 Droughtmaster Cross Steers Ex Koumala 50 No.2 Brangus Cross Weaner Heifers
Ex Goovigen 20 No.1 Brahman Feeder Steers Ex Bororen 35 No.2 Charbray Cross Heifers
Ex St Lawrence 80 No.2 Braford Cross Steers Ex St Lawrence 30 No.2 Braford Cross Heifers
Ex Calliope 80 No.2 Brahman Steers Ex Duaringa 20 No.2 Grey Brahman Weaner Heifers
Ex Dingo 72 No.2 Brahman Cross Steers (EU)  
Ex Sarina 50 No.2 Brangus Cross Weaner Steers COWS/ COWS & CALVES
Ex Keppel Sands, 25 No.2 Brangus/Brahman Cross Weaner Steers Ex Yaamba 60 Brahman Cross Cows
Ex Eaton 25 No.2 Nguni Weaner Steers Ex Duaringa 24 Brahman Cows (EU)
  Ex Middlemount 20 Crossbred Cows
MIXED SEX Ex Yaamba 20 PTIC Brahman Cross Cows
Ex Collinsville 360 No.1/2 Brahman Cross Mixed Sex Ex Collinsville 20 Droughtmaster Cows
Ex Collinsville 50 No.2 Droughtmaster Mixed Sex Weaners Ex Calliope 15 Brahman and Red Brangus Cows (PTIC)
Ex Habana 44 No.2 Brahman Mixed Sex Weaners Ex Gracemere 1×1 Friesian Cow & Calf
Ex Yaamba 40 No.2 Brahman Cross Mixed Sex Weaners  
Ex Wycarbah 20 No.2 Droughtmaster Mixed Sex Weaners

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