Nebo Market Report 12/02/2021

NEBO CATTLE SALE Friday 12th February 2021

The first Nebo Combined Agents Prime & Store sale for 2021 was held on Friday 12th February with approximately 350 cattle yarded from local areas as well as consignments from Sarina and Bloomsbury. Prices were firm across most categories with weaner steers selling to a dearer trend. A strong panel of buyers were present with an additional NSW feedlot order competing.

Next Nebo sale is Friday 12th March 2021

STEERS Over 500kg 306.2 c/kg 306.2 c/kg 306.2 c/kg
  400 to 500kg 244.2 c/kg 408.2 c/kg 387.9 c/kg
320 to 400kg 318.2  c/kg 444.2 c/kg 394.2 c/kg
250-320kg 230.0 c/kg 480.2 c/kg 460.7 c/kg
Up to 250kg 398.2 c/kg 500.2 c/kg 472.2 c/kg
COWS 400-520kg 258.2 c/kg 258.2 c/kg 258.2 c/kg
  Under 400kg 254.2 c/kg 254.2 c/kg 254.2 c/kg
HEIFERS 400-500kg 388.2 c/kg 388.2 c/kg 388.2 c/kg
  300-400kg 296.2 c/kg 397.1 c/kg 418.2 c/kg
250-300kg 332.2 c/kg 404.2 c/kg 385.2 c/kg
Up to 250kg 396.2 c/kg 438.2 c/kg 415.6 c/kg
BULLS Over 600kg NQ NQ NQ
  450-600kg NQ NQ NQ
  Up to 450kg NQ NQ NQ


REH Pastoral, Nebo, #1 Brangus Weaners 500.2c, 198kg, $988/hd

PD Jacklin, Nebo, #9 Romagnola X Heifers 418.2c, 362kg, $1515/hd

A & M Chamberlain, Sandy Creek, #0 Brahman Steers 444.2c, 323kg, $1435/hd

J & J Mcgrath, Alligator Crk, #0 Brahman x Steers, 478.2c, 275kg, $1315/hd

L Starret, The Leap, PTIC Charbray Cows, $1510/hd

M Maddern, Nebo, #1 Brahman Steers, 492.2c, 225kg, $1107/hd

Olderfleet Cattle Co, Mt Coolan, #9 Brahman Steers, 408.2c, 450kg, $1840/hd

A Rees, Nebo, #1 Droughtmaster Steers, 480.2c, 184kg, $735/hd 

NEXT NEBO SALE: 12th March 2021, COMMENCING @ 9.00am

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