Nebo Market Report 11/06/2021

NEBO CATTLE SALE Friday 11th June 2021

Combined agents at Nebo Saleyards saw a smaller yarding of 400 head on the 11/06/21 comprising of 149 Steers, 84 Heifers, 157 Cows & 7 Bulls. The smaller yarding had cattle were drawn from Proserpine in the north and all local areas, which seen a good yarding of cows on hand and seen fat prices hold strong. There was good competition in the feeder steers and all other descriptions with mostly local buyer’s on hand.

Next Nebo sale is Friday 16th July 2021


STEERS Over 500kg 318.2 c/kg 374.2 c/kg 346.7 c/kg
400 to 500kg 306.2 c/kg 410.2 c/kg 367.6 c/kg
320 to 400kg 314.2 c/kg 414.2 c/kg 387.4 c/kg
250-320kg 264.2 c/kg 468.2 c/kg 421.6 c/kg
Up to 250kg 418.2 c/kg 500.2 c/kg 451.3 c/kg



Over 520kg 176.2 c/kg 284.2 c/kg 271.6 c/kg
400-520kg 242.2 c/kg 268.0 c/kg 259.4 c/kg
Under 400kg 40.0 c/kg 40.0 c/kg 40.0 c/kg
HEIFERS 450-550kg 268.2 c/kg 346.2 c/kg 322.8 c/kg
400-450kg 306.2 c/kg 320.0 c/kg 318.5 c/kg
250-300kg 388.2 c/kg 388.2 c/kg 388.2 c/kg
Up to 250kg 100.0 c/kg 438.2 c/kg 400.3 c/kg
Cows & Calves      
BULLS Over 600kg 318.2 c/kg 328.2 c/kg 323.4 c/kg
450kg – 600kg 272.2 c/kg 324.9 c/kg 304.9 c/kg
Under 450kg NQ NQ NQ



Muggera, Nebo Sold Belmont Red Cows for 284c/kg, weighing 581kg to return $1651/hd.

Olderfleet Cattle Co, Mt Coolon Sold No.9 Brahman Heavy Feeders Steers for 380c/kg, weighing 452kg to return $1720/hd. They also sold No.0 Brahman Light Feeder Steers for 414c/kg, weighing 342kg to return $1,416/hd.

L & G McNab, Nebo Sold Very Good Quality Brangus weaner Steers for 468c/kg to return $1,275/hd. They also sold Brangus Heifers for 432c/kg to return $986/hd.

National Cattle Co, Nebo Sold No.0 Charolais Cross Brangus Steers for 410c/kg weighing 403kg to return $1653/hd.

W & R Pate, Sarina Range Sold Droughtmaster Weaner Steers for 500c/kg weighing 174kg to return $872/hd.

Wallace Cattle Co, Nebo Sold Brangus Heifers for 346c/kg weighing 530kg to return $1,834/hd.

Keith Perry, Nebo Sold No.1 Charbray Weaner Heifers to avg 435c/kg to return $1,005/hd.

Louant Trading, Sold a Brangus Bull for 328c/kg weighing 605kg to return $1985.

NEXT NEBO SALE: 16th July 2021, COMMENCING @ 9.00am

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