Nebo Cattle Numbers 11/03/2022

Nebo Prime & Store Sale
Friday, 11TH March 2022

Comprising of: 190 Steers   200 Heifers   55 – Mixed Sex   15 Cows & Calves

The following lines will be on offer:

Ex Nebo 15 No.0/9 Brahman Steers
Ex Nebo 30 No.1 Brahman Cross Feeder Steers – A/C Bullrush Past.
Ex Koumala 10 No.1 Droughtmaster Cross Steers
Ex Gargett 8 Droughtmaster Steers (500-600kg)
Ex Nebo 5 Charbray Feeder Steers
Ex Nebo 5 No.1 Brangus Steers
Ex Nebo 2 Prime Steers
Ex Nebo 80 No.2 Santa/Brahman/Charbray Weaner Steers – A/C Kainga
Ex Collinsville 20 No.2 Charbray Weaner Steers
Ex Nebo 8 Brahman Weaner Steers
Ex Nebo – 60 No.1 Predominantly Red Brahman Quality Heifers
Ex Nebo 60 No.1 Brangus Cross Quality Heifers
Ex Nebo 40 No.2 Santa/Brahman/Charbray Weaner Heifers – A/C Kainga
Ex Collinsville 16 No.2 Charbray Heifers
Ex Nebo 7 Brahman Weaner Heifers
COWS / COWS & CALVES                         
Ex Nebo 10 Cows
Ex Nebo 3 x3 Cows & Calves by Brangus Bull
Ex Nebo 20 Brahman Cross Mixed Sex Weaners
Ex Collinsville 15 Braham Cross Mixed Sex Weaners
Ex Nebo 10 Charbray/Brangus Mixed Sex Weaners
Ex Mackay 11 Mixed Sex Weaners


NOTE: Fort Cooper Cattle Only. For Buyers in Clean Country, the vendors will pay for the first dip and feeding costs for the 4 days at Nebo Saleyards Only. But won’t guarantee clearing of the cattle.

Sale commences at 9.00am.  Your attendance is appreciated.
*Please note these numbers may change without notice*

For further details or bookings please contact Joel – 0417 213 777, Liam – 0428 213 555 or Brian – 0417 667 668.

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