Gracemere Market Report


Combined agents yarded 3,832 head yesterday, comprising of 1,863 steers, 1,311 heifers, 559 cows, 80 Cows & Calves and 19 bulls. Cattle were drawn from all the usual supply areas west to Clermont. Condition was good to forward throughout and quality varied in places but was good overall. The processor and feeder buyers were unchanged. Restockers bought to reflect variations in quality from last week’s sale. However overall the market held strong.

STEERS Slaughter 430 c/kg 464 c/kg 447 c/kg
  500-600kg 330 c/kg 530 c/kg 487 c/kg
400-500kg 430 c/kg 578 c/kg 528 c/kg
330-400kg NQ 732 c/kg 590 c/kg
280-330kg 500 c/kg 764 c/kg 686 c/kg
200-280kg 350 c/kg 878 c/kg 751 c/kg
Under 200kg 500 c/kg 926 c/kg 820 c/kg
COWS Slaughter 354 c/kg 409 c/kg 402 c/kg
  500-600kg NQ 422 c/kg 400 c/kg
400-500kg 80 c/kg 460 c/kg 394 c/kg
330-400kg 352 c/kg 456 c/kg 366 c/kg
Under 330kg 300 c/kg 358 c/kg 349 c/kg
HEIFERS Slaughter 413 c/kg 440 c/kg 421 c/kg
  400-500kg 440 c/kg 540 c/kg 476 c/kg
330-400kg 420 c/kg 648 c/kg 518 c/kg
280-330kg 348 c/kg 578 c/kg 589 c/kg
200-280kg 200 c/kg 827 c/kg 616 c/kg
Under 200kg 120 c/kg 762 c/kg 680 c/kg
Cows & Calves $1,800/unit $3,700/unit $2,861/unit
BULLS Over 600kg 342 c/kg 430 c/kg 377 c/kg
  500-600kg 364 c/kg 394 c/kg 379 c/kg
400-500kg NQ NQ NQ
330-400kg NQ NQ NQ


A & D Power, Yeppoon Sold a line of Black Brangus Weaner Steers for 928c/kg weighing 214 kgs to return $1,451/hd

J Shannon, Goovigen Sold a run of No.1 Crossbred Steers for 578c/kg weighing 417kg to return $2,414/hd

Charlevue Cattle Co, Dingo Sold Brangus Weaner Steers for 678c/kg weighing 338kg to return $2,294/hd

I & J Donaldson Sold a run of 42 Droughtmaster/Brangus Steers for 710c/kg weighing 326kg to return $2,318/hd

Cedarvale Pastoral, Ubobo Sold Brahman Cross Feeder Steers for 550c/kg weighing 457kg to return $2,515/hd

F Ellrott, Nankin Sold Droughtmaster Weaner Steers for 842c/kg weighing 254kg to return $2,140/hd

Aaron Wood, Mount Charmers Sold Brahman Cross Steers for 552c/kg weighing 409kg to return $2,260/hd

JW Jamieson, Mt Larcom Sold Droughtmaster Steers for 878c/kg weighing 209kg to return $1,836/hd

S & K Murphy, Seaforth Sold Droughtmaster Brahman Cross Steers for 732c/kg weighing 340kg to return $2,490/hd

P & J Gordon, Nine Mile Sold Droughtmaster Steers for 848c/kg weighing 236kg to return $2,005/hd

G & A Bishop, Kalapa Sold Droughtmaster Cows for 407c/kg weighing 683kg to return $2,781/hd

T Franks, Pink Lilly Sold Brangus Cows for 408c/kg weighing 586kg to return $2,392/hd

W & J Oates, Biloela Sold Brangus Cows for 407c/kg weighing 596kg to return $2,430/hd

Charlevue Cattle Co, Dingo Sold Brangus Weaner Heifers for 648c/kg weighing 336kg to return $2,183/hd

D & A Schloss, Goovigen Sold Droughtmaster Weaner Heifers to average 621c/kg weighing 303kg to return $1,885/hd

Cotherstone Station, Dysart Sold a run of 240 No.1 Droughtmaster Cross Heifers for 606c/kg weighing 258kg to return $1,567/hd

P & J Gordon, Nine Mile Sold Droughtmaster Heifers for 752c/kg weighing 233kg to return $1,758/hd


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