Gracemere Market Report 20/04/2022


Combined agents yarded 1,529 head today, comprising of 875 steers, 553 heifers, 87 Cows, 4 Cows & Calves and 10 bulls. Despite the smaller yarding there were some large lines of local cattle in good condition on offer and overall quality was good. The addition of an interstate processor lifted prices for grown cattle 10-15c/kg. feeder cattle sold to solid demand and restockers were very active on some good quality line of light weight restocker steers returning to the paddock that sold to a top of 752c/kg with most sales around 672c/kg. Medium weight steers returning to the paddock made to 618c/kg to average around 522c/kg.

STEERS Slaughter 282 c/kg 364 c/kg 349 c/kg
500-600kg 323 c/kg 498 c/kg 409 c/kg
400-500kg 286 c/kg 502 c/kg 453 c/kg
330-400kg 414 c/kg 618 c/kg 521 c/kg
280-330kg 460 c/kg 728 c/kg 619 c/kg
200-280kg 422 c/kg 752 c/kg 663 c/kg
Under 200kg 590 c/kg 766 c/kg 664 c/kg
COWS Slaughter 342 c/kg 346 c/kg 345 c/kg
500-600kg 289 c/kg 340 c/kg 328 c/kg
400-500kg 268 c/kg 348 c/kg 303 c/kg
330-400kg 262 c/kg 372 c/kg 303 c/kg
Under 330kg NQ NQ NQ
HEIFERS Slaughter 365 c/kg 380 c/kg 379 c/kg
400-500kg 330 c/kg 356 c/kg 347 c/kg
330-400kg 376 c/kg 582 c/kg 536 c/kg
280-330kg 360 c/kg 596 c/kg 506 c/kg
200-280kg 306 c/kg 624 c/kg 512 c/kg
Under 200kg 368 c/kg 632 c/kg 541 c/kg
Cows & Calves $2,025/unit $2,750/unit $2,461/unit
BULLS Over 600kg 240 c/kg 346 c/kg 316 c/kg
500-600kg NQ NQ NQ
400-500kg NQ NQ NQ
330-400kg NQ NQ NQ


Mt Stuart Trust Capella Sold No.1 Brahman Steers for 490c/kg, weighing 486kg to return $2,386/hd

Willoudun Pty Ltd, Dingo Sold Brangus Steers for 628c/kg weighing 329kg to return $2,070/hd

Bella & Sons, Blue Mountain, sold Brangus Cross Steers to 606c/kg, weighing 329kg to return $1,997/hd

S & R Osborne Jambin, Sold Santa Weaner Steers for 712c/kg weighing 268kg to return $2,124/hd

B Eiser Canoona, Sold Brangus Weaner Steers for 730c/kg weighing 266kg to return $1,947/hd

Nullegai Grazing Marlborough Sold a line of 144 No.2 Brahman Steers to avg 640c/kg, weighing 243kg av to return $1,555/hd

LF & VA Price Moura, sold Droughtmaster Cross Steers to 726c/kg, weighing 236kg to return $1,719/hd

D & S McLean Midgee Sold Brangus Weaner Steers for 752c/kg weighing 208kg to return $1,568/hd

Catalyst Grazing, St Lawrence Sold Brahman Cows for 342c/kg weighing 652kg to return $2,231/hd

GE & SM Neill-Ballantine, Bauhinia Sold Brahman Cows for 345c/kg weighing 631kg to return $2,180/hd

Allambee Cattle Co, Rolleston Sold a run of 128 Braford Cross Heifers for 582c/kg weighing 362kg to return $2,111/hd

JF & HA Hinchliffe Jardine Sold Charbray Heifers for 566c/kg, weighing 294kg to return $1,667/hd

Bella & Sons, Blue Mountain, Sold Brangus Cross Heifers to 596c/kg weighing 283kg to return $1,689.23/hd

LF & VA Price Moura, Sold Droughtmaster Cross Heifers to 602c/kg weighing 208kg to return $1,255/hd


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