Gracemere Market Report 21/04/2021

GRACEMERE CATTLE SALE Wednesday 21st April 2021

CQLX Gracemere combined agents had a decreased yarding of 3460 head today, comprising of 1983 steers, 1056 heifers, 334 cows and 67 bulls. Cattle were drawn from north towards Charters Towers and south to Miriam Vale to include the local draw area west to Bauhinia Downs. Quality and condition were again very good, with the exception of some cattle from south of Nebo where rain has been scarce. The normal line up of processors was supplemented by one extra operator which helped improve prices for cows in particular. The usual feeders also participated along with a strong line up of restockers. Price variations were in line with the quality penned with a lift in light yearling steers, grown steers and cows being the most noticeable improvements.

STEERS Slaughter 47 320.0 c/kg 406.2 c/kg 366.3 c/kg +10
  400 – 500kg 385 250.0 c/kg 430.2 c/kg 409.4 c/kg +39
300 – 400kg 617 210.2 c/kg 518.2 c/kg 427.4 c/kg FIRM
200 – 300kg 830 250.0 c/kg 600.2 c/kg 505.1 c/kg -18
Under 200kg 104 300.0 c/kg 700.2 c/kg 570.7 c/kg -16
COWS Slaughter 190 214.2 c/kg 368.2 c/kg 290.6 c/kg FIRM
  400 – 450kg 69 240.0 c/kg 338.2 c/kg 276.6 c/kg FIRM
320 – 400kg 66 68.2 c/kg 299.2 c/kg 249.4 c/kg -12
Under 320kg 9 188.2 c/kg 290.2 c/kg 274.1 c/kg +36
HEIFERS Heavy 110 276.2 c/kg 426.2 c/kg 365.3 c/kg +16
  300 – 400kg 333 300.0 c/kg 472.2 c/kg 398.6 c/kg +22
200 – 300kg 536 240.2 c/kg 472.2 c/kg 434.4 c/kg -9
Under 200kg 77 396.2 c/kg 498.2 c/kg 450.5 c/kg -53
Cows & Calves     $2,500/unit $2,104/unit  
BULLS Over 600kg 10 246.2 c/kg 330.2 c/kg 311.6 c/kg +36
  450kg – 600kg 15 208.2 c/kg 362.2 c/kg 333.1 c/kg -12
Under 450kg 42 200.0 c/kg 476.2 c/kg 370.5 c/kg NQ


Creed Grazing Co, Raglan Sold a quality run of 287 steers to top 440c to average 412kg to return an average of $1700

K Steggall, Dululu Sold a pen of weaner steers for 700ckg to weigh 134kg to return $939 head

JE & RM Olive, Marlborough Sold a quality line of Brahman weaner steers for 578ckg avg 242kg to return $1400p/h

LJ Dickson, Goovigen Sold Charolais Cross Weaner Steers for 518c weighing 332kg to return $1721

B & M Lashford, Mt Larcom Sold Droughtmaster Feeder steers for 418c weighing 453kg to return $1897

Artemisia Pty Ltd, Baralaba Sold a pen of Droughtmaster steers for 600c/kg weighing 262kg to return $1575 per head

Artemisia Pty Ltd, Baralaba Sold a pen of Droughtmaster cows for 289c/kg weighing 631kg to return $1824 per head

Milton Ag, Boyne Valley Sold a pen of brahman cows for 303c/kg weighing 562kg to return $1704 per head

Crinan Consolidated, Gracemere Sold heavy Brangus cows for 297c weighing 723kg to return $2149 per head.

DI Symonds, Nebo Sold Charbray cows for 304ckg weighing 630kg to return $1916p/h

Paraweena Cattle Co Sold Euro cross heifers to 472c weighing 310kg to return $1467

Ruan Grazing, Clermont Sold quality Brahman weaner Heifers to top at 464c weighing 294kg to return $1367 per head

JE & RM Olive, Marlborough Sold No.9 Brahman cross Heifers for 384ckg weighing 430kg to return $1650p/h

TM & TM Symonds Nebo, Sold Brahman Cows and Calves for $2250p/unit

Keldou Pty Ltd, Mt Alma Sold Brahman Cross Cows and Calves for $2500/unit


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