Gracemere Market Report 17/11/2021


CQLX Gracemere agents saw an increased yarding of 2,875 head yesterday. Cattle were drawn from Mt Coolon in the north through to Clermont and the normal local areas. Quality and condition were very good overall with several larger lines of steers and heifers penned.  The usual processors and feeders were present and active along with a strong panel of restockers.  There was a lift in values for most yearling classes and cows.

STEERS Slaughter 435 c/kg 490 c/kg 461 c/kg
  400-500kg 418 c/kg 530 c/kg 496 c/kg
300-400kg 450 c/kg 622 c/kg 519 c/kg
200-300kg 476 c/kg 730 c/kg 653 c/kg
Under 200kg 606 c/kg 760 c/kg 680 c/kg
COWS Slaughter 414 c/kg 466 c/kg 434 c/kg
  400-500kg 370 c/kg 417 c/kg 399 c/kg
Under 400kg 306 c/kg 370 c/kg 350 c/kg
HEIFERS Slaughter 440 c/kg 512 c/kg 459 c/kg
  300-400kg 370 c/kg 562 c/kg 478 c/kg
200-300kg 338 c/kg 664 c/kg 549 c/kg
Under 200kg 504 c/kg 690 c/kg 621 c/kg
Cows & Calves $2,380/unit $3,300/unit $2,617/unit
BULLS Over 600kg 330 c/kg 372 c/kg 355 c/kg
  400-600kg 280 c/kg 394 c/kg 338 c/kg


J & M Ohl, Gogango Sold Droughtmaster Steers to 622c/kg weighing 303kg to return $1,890/hd

Edwards & Broekman Wowan Sold Droughtmaster Steers to 688c/kg weighing 258kg to return $1,780/hd

CP & HJ Smith, Duaringa Sold Droughtmaster Cross Steers for 526c/kg weighing 427kg to return $2,249/hd

Milton Ag, Boynedale Sold Droughtmaster Brahman Cross Steers 678c/kg weighing 226kg to return $1,534/hd

Lestree Downs Clermont Sold Brangus Bullocks for 462c/kg weighing 596kg to return $2,755/hd

Lestree Downs Clermont Sold 382 No.0 Grey Brahman Steers for 520c/kg weighing 384kg to return $2,001/hd

Willoudun Pty Ltd Dingo Sold Brangus Steers for 708c/kg weighing 244kg to return $1,731/hd

Ruan Grazing Clermont Sold Brahman Steers to 598c/kg weighing 353kg to return $2,115/hd

JF & CA Ellrott Morinish Sold a line of No.0 Braford Cross Light Feeder Steers for 600c/kg weighing 289kg to return $1,734/hd

Big Horn Pastoral Nebo Sold No.1 Droughtmaster Cross Weaner Steers for 726c/kg weighing 173kg to return $1,260/hd

Scott Worthington Finch Hatton Sold No.0 Droughtmaster Cross Steers for 518c/kg weighing 451kg to return $2,337/hd

K & S Lines Dululu Sold Droughtmaster Cows to average 429c/kg weighing 627kg to average $2,690/hd

Rebecca Gibbs-Willis Sold Cows to top at 426c/kg weighing 712kg to return $3,034/hd

T & K Mortimer Dalma Sold Grey Brahman Cows for 409c/kg weighing 515kg to return $2,107/hd

Tweed Family, Milman Sold Brahman Cross Heifers for 496c/kg weighing 272kg to return $1,354/hd

Robert Daniels, Mt Morgan Sold Speckle Park Heifers for 650c/kg weighing 214kg to return $1,534/hd

J & M Ohl, Gogango Sold Brangus Heifers for 656c/kg weighing 252kg to return $1,656/hd

Keldou Pty Ltd Mt Larcom Sold Droughtmaster Heifers for 536c/kg weighing 343kg to return $1,840/hd

R&B Shields Marmor Sold Droughtmaster Heifers for 654c/kg weighing 217kg to return $1,420/hd

Matt Wallbank Mackay Sold Charbray Weaner Heifers to top at 646c/kg weighing 176kg to return $1,140/hd

John Cook Thompson Point Sold No.1 Brangus Weaner Heifers for 646c/kg weighing 255kg to return $1,647/hd

Harskim Pty Ltd Mirani Sold Brahman Cross Cows with Brangus Calves at foot made $3,300/unit

The next Gracemere sale will be 24th November 2021, COMMENCING @ 8.30AM

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