Gracemere Cattle Numbers 27/01/2021

Gracemere Cattle Sale
Wednesday 27th January 2021
3020 Cattle Booked


Comprising of:

1370 Steers
1375 Heifers
215 Cows
30 Cows & Calves
30 Bulls


The following lines will be on offer:

Ex Marlborough 150 No.0 Brahman/ Brahman Cross Steers Ex Duaringa 250 Brahman/ Droughtmaster No.0 Heifers
Ex Wowan 50 Brahman Cross Steers Ex Banana 80 No.0 Charbray Heifers VGQ
Ex Calliope 40 No.0 Brahman Steers Ex Marlborough 70 No.0 Cross Bred Heifers
Ex Alton Downs 30 Droughtmaster Cross Weaner Steers Ex Bajool 60 No.0 Brahman/Brahman Cross Heifers
Ex Wowan 25 No.0 Red Brangus Steers Ex Koumala 40 Brangus/Droughtmaster Cross Weaner Heifers
Ex Dingo 20 No.0 Brahman Cross Steers Ex Morinish 35 No.0 Droughtmaster Heifers
Ex Goovigen 15 Droughtmaster Weaner Steers Ex Milman 60 No.9 Brangus/Cross Bred Heifers
Ex Nebo 72 Brangus Cross Steers (h/f) Ex Jambin 26 No.9 Santa Cross Heifers
Ex Marlborough 140 No.9 Brahman Cross Steers  
Ex Marlborough 100 No.9 Brahman/ Brahman Cross Steers  
Ex Baralaba 50 No 8,9 Brahman Cross Steers  
Ex Nebo 22 Brahman Cows Ex Nebo 70 Brahman Cross M/S Weaners
Ex Calliope 22 Brahman Cross Cows Ex Local 40 Brangus Cross MS Weaners
  Ex Marlborough 30 No.0 Brahman Cross M/S Weaners
  Ex Nankin 30 No.0 Droughtmaster M/S Weaners
  Ex Rannes 30 Brahman Cross M/S Weaners
  Ex Duaringa 30 Brahman x MS Weaners
  Ex Mt Morgan 24 No.0 Brahman Cross M/S Weaners
  Ex Alton Downs 40 Brangus M/S Weaners
Ex Duaringa 10 x 10 Grey Brahman Cows & Calves  

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