Gracemere Cattle Numbers 13/07/2022

Gracemere Cattle Sale
Wednesday 13th July 2022
2145 Cattle Booked

Comprising of:

1080 Steers
530 Heifers
440 Cows
46 Cows & Calves
49 Bulls

The following lines will be on offer: 

Ex “Burradoo” Middlemount 200 No.0/1 Droughtmaster Cross Steers (HGP FREE) A/c Wotonga Ex Duaringa 60 Brangus Cows (PTE)
Ex Biloela 100 No.1 Droughtmaster Cross Feeder Steers (EU) Ex Collinsville 46 Brahman Cross Cows
Ex Mt Larcom 60 No.1 Brangus Steers (EU) Ex Calliope 40 Brahman Cows
Ex Yeppoon 45 No.1 Brahman Cross Steers Ex Middlemount 25 Brahman Cows
Ex Miriam Vale 40 No.1 Brahman Cross Steers Ex St Lawrence 22 Brahman Cows/ Heifers (PRIME)
Ex Biloela 20 No.1 Brahman Steers Ex Biloela 30 Brahman Cows
Ex Morinish 26 No.1 Droughtmaster Cross Feeder Steers Ex Boyne Valley 10 Brangus Cows
Ex Thangool 20 No.1 Brangus Feeder Steers Ex Sarina 15 No.1 Brangus Cows
Ex Baralaba 18 No.1 Santa Cross Steers Ex Collinsville 18×18 Brahman Cross Cows and Calves
Ex Alpha 15 Brahman Ox Ex Collinsville 15 Brahman Cross Cows & Calves
Ex Collinsville 50 Brangus Weaner Steers  
Ex St Lawrence 45 No.2 Droughtmaster Cross Weaner Steers HEIFERS
Ex Dows Creek 20 No.2 Brangus Weaned Steers Ex Biloela 30 No.1 Brahman Heifers
Ex Ridgelands 20 No.2 Charbray Weaner Steers Ex Alpha 40 No.2 Brahman Heifers
Ex Yaamba 15 No.2 Santa Gertrudis Weaner Steers Ex St Lawrence 40 No.2 Droughtmaster Cross Weaner Heifers
Ex Collinsville 46 Brahman Cross Bulls/Mickies  
Ex Alton Downs 50 No.2 Brahman/ Brangus Cross M/S Weaners #Please note: These numbers are subject to change without notice. Your attendance is greatly appreciated#


Ex Garnant 27 No.2 Grey Brahman M/S Weaners
Ex Canoona 25 No.2 Droughtmaster M/S Weaners (EU)
Ex Collinsville 25 No.2 Brahman Cross M/S Weaners
Ex Gogango 20 No.2 Brahman M/S Weaners

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