Gracemere Cattle Numbers 12/05/2021

Gracemere Cattle Sale
Wednesday 12th May 2021
2186 Cattle Booked


Comprising of:

1419 Steers
605 Heifers
137 Cows
16 Cows & Calves
9 Bulls



Ex Wycarbah 20 Charbray Steers Ex Bushley 30 No.0 Brahman Cross Feeder Heifers
Ex Brookston 150 No.1 Brangus Mickeys  (Telpara Hills Blood) Ex Mt Larcom 20 Brahman Feeder Heifers
Ex Nebo 100 No.1 Brahman Brangus Steers Ex Yeppoon 10 Brangus Heifers (VGQ)
Ex Nebo 90 No.1 Brangus Steers Ex Nebo 30 No.1 Brangus Heifers
Ex Mackay 40 No.1 Brahman Cross Steers Ex Nebo 20 No.1 Brahman Brangus Heifers
Ex Capella 100 No.0/9 Brahman Steers (Heavy Feeders) Ex Marlborough 100 Brahman Cross Heifers
Ex Middlemount 160 Brahman Cross Steers  
Ex Mackay PTIC Brahman Cows (Ex Stud) Ex Mackay 20 No.0 M/S Brahman Feeders
Ex Moura 6 Dairy Foster Cows  
Ex Collinsville 10×10 Brahman Cows and Calves  

#Please note: These numbers are subject to change without notice# Reminder Covid19 restrictions are still in place


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