Gracemere Cattle Numbers 01/06/2022

Gracemere Cattle Sale
Wednesday 01st June 2022
2434 Cattle Booked

Comprising of:

1425 Steers
786 Heifers
181 Cows
40 Cows & Calves
2 Bulls


The following lines will be on offer: 

Ex Nebo 250 No.1 Santa Feeder Steers (350kg) Ex Stanage 34 No.1 Brangus Cross Heifers (EU)
Ex Wowan 65 No.1 Droughtmaster Steers Ex Emu Park 15 No.1 Brahman Feeder Heifers (VGQ)
Ex Bloomsbury 20 No.1 Bradford Cross Steers Ex Collinsville 220 No.1/2 Brahman & Brahman Cross Heifers
Ex Sandringham 15 No.1 Brahman Cross Feeder Steers Ex Bowen 30 No.1/2 Grey Brahman Heifers
Ex Nebo 120 No.2 Brahman Cross Weaners Steers Ex Stanwell 30 No.2 Brahman Heifers
Ex Keppel Sands 120 No.2 Brahman Cross & Brangus Weaner Steers  
Ex Bowen 41 No.1/2 Grey Brahman Steers MIXED SEX
Ex Duaringa 40 No.2 Brahman Cross Weaner Steers Ex Nebo 100 No.2 Brahman M/S Weaners
Ex Elaroo 36 No.2 Brahman Cross Weaner Steers Ex Pentland 40 No.2 Droughtmaster M/S Weaners
Ex South Yaamba 30 No.2 Santa Cross Weaner Steers  
Ex Eton 24 No.2 Red Brahman Weaner Steers COWS/COWS & CALVES
Ex Raglan 10 No.2 Brangus/ Charbray Weaner Steers Ex Yaamba 30 Brahman Cross Cows
  Ex Mt Ossa 23 Brahman Cross Cows &Calves

 #Please note: These numbers are subject to change without notice. Your attendance is greatly appreciated#

Cattle are still being accepted for this sale. Please contact Joel – 0417 213 777, Brian – 0417 667 668 or Liam – 0428 213 555.

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