Gracemere Cattle Numbers 21/04/21

Gracemere Cattle Sale
Wednesday 21st April 2021
3275 Cattle Booked


Comprising of:

1897 Steers
1067 Heifers
242 Cows
45 Cows & Calves
24 Bulls

The following lines will be on offer:


Ex Raglan 260 No.0 Brahman Steers (EU VGQ) Ex Nebo 90 No.0 Brahman/Droughtmaster Cross Heifers
Ex Nebo 90 No.0 Brahman/Brahman cross Steers Ex Banana 45 No.0 Charbray Heifers
Ex Baralaba 60 Brahman x Steers Ex Sarina 16 No.0 Droughtmaster Heifers
Ex Marlborough 100 No.1 Brahman/Brahman Cross Steers Ex Banana 30 No.1 Charbray Heifers
Ex Mirani 30 No.1 Brangus Steers Ex Marlborough 60 No.0/9 Brahman Cross Heifers
Ex Banana 30 Brahman Steers No.1 Ex Kunwarara 26 No.0/9 Droughtmaster/Brangus Cross Heifers
Ex Duaringa 30 Droughtmaster Steers No.1 Ex Collinsville 160 Brahman Weaner Heifers
Ex Collinsville 18 No.1 Droughtmaster Steers Ex Banana 35 Brangus #9 Heifers
Ex Duaringa 120 No.9 Brahman/Droughtmaster Cross Steers Ex Banana 22 PTIC Brangus #9 Heifers
Ex Bowen 85 No.8/9 Brahman Steers Ex Theodore 20 Senepol Weaner Heifers
Ex Boynedale 65 Brahman Cross Steers
Ex St Lawrence 29 Brahman Cross Weaner Steers
Ex St Lawrence 29 Brahman Cross Weaner Steers
Ex Collinsville 240 Brahman Weaner Steers
Ex Rannes 80 Brahman Weaner Steers
Ex Keppel Sands 25 Brahman Steers
Ex Theodore 20 Senepol Cross Weaner Steers
Ex Charters Towers 46 Brahman Cows (% Prime) Ex Nebo 20 No.0 M/S Weaners
Ex Calliope 80 Brahman Cross M/S Weaners
Ex Moura 80 M/S Weaners
Ex Goovigen 50 Charbray Cross M/S Weaners
Ex Nebo 20×20 Brahman Cows & Calves

#Please note: These numbers are subject to change without notice# Reminder Covid19 restrictions are still in place at CQLX.


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