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Gracemere Sale Market Report

April 24, 2014
A good to useful quality yarding of 1600 head came forward at Gracemere today. The yarding consisted of 950 steers, 550 heifers, 40 bulls, 90 cows and 20 cows and calves. Cattle were drawn from Sarina in the north to Mundubberra in the south as well as all surrounding areas. Fat cattle were in limited supply and quality was average while store cattle sold to a much improved market.


Low High Average +/-
Steers to Slaughter 168 154 -12
Steers 400kg + 170 152 -12
Steers 300-400kg 179 160 +3
Steers 200-300kg 189 162 +9
Steers Under 200 169 148 +12
Cows to Slaughter 157 140 +7
Cows Store 122 110 +5
Heifers to Slaughter 164 147 +10
Heifers 300-400kg 158 137 firm
Heifers 200-300kg 160 127 +15
Heifers under 200kg 123 110 +9
Cows & Calves 630.00 570.00 firm
Heavy Bulls 148 133 firm
Light Bulls & Mickies 145 132 +12

Sale Highlights

Colin Lawrie, Sebastapol, Westwood, sold prime Charbray cows for 140c/kg weighing 634kg to return $890

Ken Schultz, Mt Larcom, sold heavy prime Brahman cows to top at 153c/kg weighing 670kg to return $1026

John Amens, Calliope, sold prime D/Master X cows to top at 143c/kg weighing 510kg to return $730

Ken Wilmott & Family, Calliope sold Brangus weaner steers to top at 189c/kg weighing 258kg to return $489

Stewie Hoare, Dingo, sold Brangus weaner steers to top at 189c/kg weighing 264kg to return $500

Tim & Janine Perrett, Duaringa sold E/U Brangus steers to make 179.2c/kg weighing 333kg to return $596

John, Trevor & Wendy Mylrea sold Brahman cows to make 146c/kg weighing 556kg to return $814.15

John & Yvonne Galea, Sarina, sold No3 Simbrah Steers for 176.2c/kg weighing 315kg to return $555

David & Joshua Smith, Marmor, sold weaner Brangus steers for 188.2c/kg weighing 280kg to return $527

Keith Parry, “Karingal” Sarina, sold 198 Brahman & Brahman cross No3 steers to average 163.5c/kg weighing 304kg to return $497

Crystal Plains Partnership, Calliope, sold Red Brahman cows & calves for $630/unit

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