Gracemere Cattle Sale Numbers 04.10.19

Gracemere Cattle Sale
Friday 4th October 2019
2300 Cattle Booked   

Comprising of:                                    

900 Steers
950 Heifers
436 Cows
0 Cows & Calves
14 Bulls


The following lines will be on offer: 

Ex Baralaba 30 Charbray No7 Steers Ex Middlemount 70 Droughtmaster Cows PRIME
Ex Ogmore 35 Brahman No8 Steers Ex Ogmore 40 Brahman Cross Cows % PRIME
Ex Nebo 30 Brangus No8 Steers Heavy Feeder Ex Nebo 40 Droughtmaster Cross Cows PRIME
Ex Bushley 30 Brahman No8 Steers Ex Bauhinia 30 Brahman Cows
Ex Bajool 30 Droughtmaster No8 Steers VGQ Ex Baralaba 28 Brahman Cross Cows
Ex St Lawrence 20 Brangus No8 Steers Ex Goovigen 28 Charbray Cows
Ex Moura 15 Droughtmaster Feeder Steers Ex Ridgelands 25 Droughtmaster Cows
Ex Nebo 50 Brahman No9 Mickies Ex Duaringa 20 Brangus Cows
Ex Mackay 20 Brahman No9 Steers Ex Moura 15 Droughtmaster Cows
Ex Emu Park 20 Brangus No9 Steers Ex Bowen 10 Brahman Cows
Ex Nebo 83 Droughtmaster Cross Weaner Steers HEIFERS
Ex The Caves 20 Brangus Weaner Steers Ex St Lawrence180 Brahman x No7 & 8 Heifers EU/MOUTHED
MIXED SEX Ex Keppel Sands 120 Brahman Cross Heavy Feeder Heifers
Ex Proserpine 80 Brangus Cross M/S Weaners Ex Moura 50 Droughtmaster Feeder Heifers EU
Ex Calliope 40 Brahman M/S Weaners EU Ex Ubobo 30 Brahman Cross No8 Heifers
Ex Moura 40 Droughtmaster M/S Weaners EU Ex Glenroy 30 Braford Cross Feeder Heifers
Ex Gogango 30 Droughtmaster M/S Weaners Ex Thangool 20 Brangus Feeder Heifers
Ex Dululu 30 Brangus M/S Weaners Ex Bajool 10 Droughtmaster Feeder Heifers
Ex St Lawrence 25 Brahman M/S Weaners Ex Nebo 50 Brahman No9 Heifers
Ex Westwood 20 Brahman M/S Weaners Ex Mackay 20 Brahman No9 Heifers
Ex Bowen 15 Brahman M/S Weaners Ex Emu Park 20 Brangus No9 Heifers
Ex Calliope 80 Brahman Cross M/S Weaners Ex Mackay 15 Brangus No9 Heifers VGQ
Ex Calliope 20 Brangus Weaner Heifers

Sale commences at 8.30 am.  Your attendance is appreciated.
*Please note numbers are subject to change without notice*

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