Gracemere Cattle Sale 12.07.19

Gracemere Cattle Sale
Friday 12th   July 2019
2000 Cattle Booked   

Comprising of:                                    

905 Steers
600 Heifers
400 Cows
50 Cows & Calves
45 Bulls


The following lines will be on offer

Ex Kabra 100 Charbray/Angus Cross No 8&9 Steers Ex Humboldt 80 Charbray Cows  PRIME
Ex Calliope 80 Brahman Cross No8 Steers Ex Calliope 30 Brahman Cows
Ex Raglan 30 Charbray /Angus Cross No8 Steers Ex Mundubbera 25 Brahman Cross Cows
Ex Thangool 30 Simmental/D’Master Cross Steers VGQ Ex Mt Larcom 20 Droughtmaster Cows PRIME
Ex Moura 20 Brahman Cross Feeder Steers Ex Duaringa 15 Brangus Cows PRIME
Ex Dingo 20 Droughtmaster Feeder Steers Ex Gogango 15 Santa/Euro Cross Cows
Ex Calliope 40 Brahman Weaner Steers HEIFERS
Ex Yeppoon 25 Droughtmaster Cross Weaner Steers Ex Baralaba 90 Braford Cross No8 Heifers
Ex Marlborough 20 Brahman No9 Steers Ex Thangool 10 Simmental/D’Master Cross Heifers VGQ
Ex Bouldercombe 20 Droughtmaster Weaner Steers Ex Wycarbah 30 Droughtmaster Cross Weaner Heifers EU
MIXED SEX Ex Wycarbah 30 Droughtmaster Cross No9 Heifers
Ex Wycarbah 100 Droughtmaster M/S Weaners Ex Calliope 20 Brahman Weaner Heifers
Ex Wowan 50 Red Brangus M/S Weaners COWS & CALVES
Ex Mt Larcom 40 Brahman Cross M/S Weaners Ex Calliope 20×20 Brahman Cos & Calves
Ex Ridgelands 40 Charbray M/S Weaners Ex Mt Larcom 10×10 Droughtmaster Cows & Calves
Ex Yaamba 35 Charbray Cross M/S Weaners
Ex Stanwell 30 Brangus Cross M/S Weaners BULLS
Ex Wycarbah 30 Brahman Cross M/S Weaners EU Ex Mt Larcom 20 Young Brahman Bulls
Ex Yeppoon 20 Droughtmaster Cross M/S Weaners

Sale commences at 8.30am.  Your attendance is appreciated.
*Please note numbers are subject to change without notice*

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