Gracemere Cattle Numbers 16.11.2018

Gracemere Cattle Sale
Friday 16th November 2018
2105 Cattle Booked

Comprising of:

790 Steers
980 Heifers
270 Cows
40 Cows & Calves
25 Bulls

The following lines will be on offer: 

Ex Theodore                             80 Santa No. 7 cross steers Ex Westwood                       26 Brahman cross cows (PRIME)
Ex Marlborough                          60 Brahman No. 7 steers Ex Marlborough                                    26 Brahman cross cows
Ex Theodore                       30 Droughtmaster No. 7 steers Ex Middlemount                                   30 Charbray cross cows
Ex Raglan                      30 Brahman/Brangus No. 7 steers Ex Duaringa                                         20 Brahman  cross cows
Ex Mackay                                    25 Brangus No. 7 steers Ex Morinish                                                   15 Brahman cows
Ex St Lawrence                       25 cross bred steers feeders Ex Calliope                                                      15 Senepol cows
Ex Koumala                       15 Droughtmaster No. 7 steers Ex Joskeleigh                                10 Braford cows (PRIME)
Ex Theodore                       35 Droughtmaster No. 8 steers HEIFERS
Ex Hughenden                    30 Droughtmaster No. 8 steers Ex Biloela                     100 Droughtmaster No. 7 heifers (EU)                                                                                            
Ex Calliope                                  30 Charbray No. 8 steers Ex Dingo                                              64 Brangus No.7 heifers
MIXED SEX Ex Theodore                              60 Droughtmaster No.7 heifers
Ex Morinish                      80 Droughtmaster m/s weaners Ex Dingo                                  60 Grey Brahman No. 7 heifers
Ex Etna Creek                   60 Droughtmaster m/s weaners Ex Dingo                                   40 Droughtmaster No.7 heifers
Ex Bluff                             50 Charbray cross m/s weaners Ex Theodore                                    40 Santa cross No.7 heifers
Ex Taroom               50 Droughtmaster cross m/s weaners Ex Sarina Range                                25 Brahman No. 7 heifers
Ex Glenroy               40 Droughtmaster cross m/s weaners Ex Jambin                                 45 Droughtmaster  No.8 heifers
Ex Glenroy                           40 Wagyu cross m/s weaners Ex Theodore                              35 Droughtmaster No.8 heifers
Ex Morinish                         15 Grey Brahman cows and calves
Ex Jambin                     6 x 1st calf Brangus Heifers and Calves


Sale commences at 8.30am.  Your attendance is appreciated.
*Please note numbers are subject to change without notice*

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